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Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!


Welcome to the first ever Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! Make the loop to discover 23 new or upcoming novels, and write down the clue at each stop. When you know what the clues say, fill out the Rafflecopter form by June 4, 2012 (midnight EST) at, and you could be in the running for the grand prize of 23 new, autographed books (if you live in the USA; unsigned if international). Note: if you're the winner, you must email the complete statement within 24 hours of notification in order to claim the Grand don't miss a stop! Be ready with your answer if you're the lucky winner! No need to email it unless you receive the good word on June 5, 2012.


As a part of this scavenger hunt, I’m delighted to host author BONNIE LEON. Bonnie is the best-selling author of a number of fascinating historical novels. In addition to her work as a writer, Bonnie has a passion for teaching of all kinds, especially on the art and intricacies of storytelling. She teaches at conferences and workshops and says, “There’s nothing more thrilling than to see a student’s eyes light up with understanding as she grasps the concepts of the writing craft and begins to believe she can tell stories someone else will want to read.”

Bonnie is also a regular speaker at women’s church groups, writing groups, and business organizations.

Bonnie’s latest book is JOY TAKES FLIGHT, and here’s a bit about it:
Kate Evans and Paul Anderson are finally married, settling in, and starting a family. They rejoice when Kate finds she is pregnant, but soon it is clear that there are hurdles ahead. Should she continue in her dangerous profession as an Alaskan bush pilot? Can she really fall into the role of a wife? Then tragedy strikes, life begins to unravel, and Kate fears she may have lost Paul for good.

A Scavenger Hunt Exclusive from Bonnie, below, is a scene which didn't make it into the final book because, as Bonnie says, "We decided she was courageous and daring, but not stupid!":

Mt. Makushin appeared in the distance. A cloud of ash billowed from the peak, reaching across the sky and blotting out the sun. Kate was grateful when Unalaska came into view. It meant she’d be rid of Jason, at least for the night.
“Will ya look at that,” Jason said. “Amazing! Can you get us any closer?
Right now? It’s late. The sun’s setting and I’m beat.”
“Come on, just a peek.”
Kate blew out a frustrated breath. “Okay. But no fancy stuff.” She turned toward the mountain.
Makushin looked ominous with its black cloud boiling up from inside. Melting snow was blackened by ash. Unalaska huddled just beyond, along a huge bay—vulnerable and too close to the angry mountain.
A mud flow spilled down the west side and ash splattered the windows of the plane. Kate worried what it might do to her engine. “We’re too close.” She veered off to the west. “Maybe tomorrow we can get a look at the caldera.”
“That would be great.” Jason took photographs. When he put down his camera, he wrote in a journal, then said, “Okay. That’s it for tonight.”
* * *
Her stomach rumbling, Kate wished the cook would hurry. She’d gone to bed the night before without eating. Tables were filling up with newsmen and the inquisitive, but there was no sign of Jason. The waitress returned with a plate of eggs and bacon, set it in front of her, then filled her cup with coffee. “Thanks,” Kate said.
Barely taking time to nod, the woman moved to the next table.
Kate bolted down her food, then leisurely drank her coffee as she waited for Jason. He didn’t show. Frustrated, she went to the register and paid for her meal, then headed for the door.
Just as Kate walked out Jason walked in. “Hey, you’re up early,” he said.
“I couldn’t sleep.”
Ignoring the comment, he said, “I’m gonna get some breakfast, then I’ll meet you at the plane.”
“Sure,” Kate said, wondering what had happened to their early start.
By the time Jason wandered out, she’d inspected the engine and cleaned ash from the fuselage, wings and the windows. Jason he climbed inside without a word. Kate cranked the flywheel and hurried to her seat. The engine started without a hitch.
“All we need is a quick look, a few pictures and then we’re on our way home.”
“Got it.” Jason worked on his camera.
Kate radioed the control room and headed onto the airfield. With so much airplane traffic she was glad to be one of the first up.
Kate lifted off and headed toward the mountain. Apprehension prickled up the backs of her legs. What was she doing? Paul had already lost a wife and child. He couldn’t do it again. Sick inside, Kate realized she didn’t belong here.
She approached the volcano. Chunks of dirty white glacier tumbled down a slope. The splendor of the mountain had been destroyed.
“Can you get closer?” Jason clicked off a photo.
Kate banked toward the mountain. The caldera looked like a huge steaming bowl. Melting snow and ice cut rivers into the cliff sides. Fascination grabbed hold of Kate, and then the mountain seemed to shudder and a chunk of its peak slid away. Ash belched from inside and a swirling black mass spewed into the air, blasting straight at Kate’s plane.

You can pick up a copy Bonnie’s book at href="">, or your local bookstore. Find out more about this author at

Scavenger Hunt Skinny
Now mosey along, Hunters, to STOP 14: Maureen Lang, to pick up your next clue.
But before you go, write down this STOP 13 clue: tea

BONUS PRIZE: Leave a comment below with your e-mail address and be entered to win a copy of Danger in Plain Sight, Amish suspense by Marta Perry!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Danger in Plain Sight is out!

Danger in Plain Sight, book 3 in my Amish Suspense series from HQN Books, is out this week. Here's a taste of it to whet your appetite:

By Marta Perry


Amish buggies weren’t built for speed. If the men were following her, she couldn’t outrun them.

Esther Zook shivered in the December cold, turning her head to peer behind her, her view cut off by the brim of her bonnet.

Nothing. The township road lay dark and empty behind the dark as every farmhouse she’d passed, surrounded by their blankets of snow. Country people went to bed early in the winter, especially the Amish, without electric lights and televisions to keep them awake.

Libby Morgan would be awake, though. If she could get to Libby, everything would be all right. Libby would know what to do.

If only she’d told Libby more in her letters...but Esther hadn’t known, then, just how frightening this was.

The Amish didn’t go to the law. They settled matters among themselves. But the Amish of Spring Township had never dealt with a problem like this before.
Esther had shrunk from putting her suspicions down in black and white, thinking that when Libby returned it would be time enough to seek her advice. But now suspicion had turned to certainty, and she feared she had delayed too long. If they were following her--

Even as she thought it, she heard the roar of an engine behind her. Panic sent her heart racing, she tried to think, tried to pray, but it was too late—too late. The roar turned to a scream, to s crash which deafened her, to total blackness.

Chapter One

It was nice to see someone else’s love life turning out well, especially when her own was such a train wreck, Libby Morgan decided. Now that her big brother Trey was married, Mom could turn her obvious desire for grandchildren to Trey and Jessica and stop asking her only daughter if she’d met anyone special yet.

Libby put down the bridesmaid’s bouquet she’d been clutching for what seemed like hours and picked up her camera instead. She’d discovered long ago that the camera could be useful camouflage. It would help her get through the rest of the wedding reception without, she hoped, too much conversation with people who’d known her from childhood and seemed compelled to try and find out how her life was going.

Then, once the flurry of wedding-related activities were over, she’d be free to dig into the other reason she’d come home to Spring Township, deep in Pennsylvania’s Amish country.

Something is terribly wrong. Esther’s last letter had sounded almost frightened, and Esther Zook, teacher at the local Amish one-room school, didn’t frighten easily. You know the Amish don’t go to the law, but I fear this is one time when we should. I must talk to you as soon as you get home. You know the Englisch world. You’ll be able to tell me if I’m right about this.

Libby snapped off a few shots, more to keep the camera in front of her face than anything else. She hadn’t reached Pennsylvania from San Francisco as early as she’d intended, partly because of the weather, but mainly because of the upset at the newspaper that had led to a final showdown with her in more ways than one.

Well, maybe she could set up in business as a wedding photographer. She framed Trey and Jessica in the pine-wreathed archway of the Springville Inn’s ballroom, seeming oblivious of everything but each other, and snapped several quick shots.

“No doubt about how those two feel.”

That particular deep male voice, coming from close behind her, made her hands jerk so that she undoubtedly got a great picture of the parquet floor. She turned, arranging a smile on her face. She’d had plenty of practice since fate, in the form of the bride, had paired her with Police Chief Adam Byler for the wedding.

“There isn’t, is there? This is one relationship that’s destined to last.”

As opposed to ours, which lasted for about a minute and a half. That being the case, why did she persist in comparing every man she met to Adam Byler?

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Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt coming here!

If you love Christian fiction, you won't want to miss the fun at the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt, starting on May 31st at noon. This is one of the stops, so you'll come here to collect one of the clues that could lead you to a terrific prize--loads of free books!

Be sure to stop by for a chance to enter!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Giveaway Opportunities

I'm appearing on several blogs this month, some of which are offering giveaways of my latest book in the Pleasant Valley series, Hannah's Joy. Here's are a couple of opportunities if you're interested! is such a neat site for finding all sorts of things about popular fiction. Every time I go there, I end up browsing for way too long! There's a blog post there on the Challenge of Writing Amish Fiction, as well as a giveaway contest.

Author Trish Perry also has a great website, and I really enjoyed the questions she asked in her interview. Pop over there to join the discussion and sign up to win a free copy.