Monday, May 2, 2011

Free Novella!

I'm so excited to announce the release of an ebook novella in my Amish Suspense series. Even better, the novella is available free for a limited period of time!

LOST IN PLAIN SIGHT is set in the same community as MURDER IN PLAIN SIGHT and features an appearance by Geneva Morgan, a favorite character from the series. Here's a little about the story:

Leah Miller's peaceful life as a member of the Spring Township Amish church shatters when she's accused of theft from an Englisch home in which she works. Even if she is not charged, if the crime is never solved, she will live under the taint of the theft and may never be able to participate fully in her Amish community. Josiah King, friend of Leah's brother, is drawn into helping Leah—and discovers the ‘little sister' he'd always tolerated has grown into a strong, appealing woman.

But what future can they have together if suspicion makes Leah an outcast? As they attempt to learn the facts behind the accusation, danger grows around them. It's only through their trust in each other and the support of a faithful Englisch friend that Leah and Josiah can find their way through a tangled, dangerous maze to the truth.

An ebook exclusive novella from Marta Perry's The Brotherhood of the Raven series. FIND IT ONLINE STARTING MAY 2 AT WWW.EHARLEQUIN.COM

And here's a direct link to the story:

If you have trouble with the link for any reason, go to, click on ebooks, and enter Lost in Plain Sight into the search box.

Let me know what you think!



  1. I finished reading "In the Enemy's Sights. I enjoyed it, but didn't like the way evil was allowed free sway, endangering lives of people, animals etc., and was not punished. Because it is book 4 in a series, I wonder where the earlier "Faith at the Crossroads" series can be found? I love your books for their happy endings. This particular one left me hoping for justice. Marian

  2. great selection of books