Thursday, May 30, 2013


Do you have a sister? If so, you know that despite quarrels, envy, frustration, and all the other negative emotions that siblings can arouse so easily, a sister is still a treasure. Your sister is the person with whom you never have to pretend. She’s seen the worst in you, and she loves you anyway!

As we get older, we discover that our sisters are the only ones who truly understand where we come from, the only ones who know what it was like growing up in our families.

What if you were an adult when you discovered that you had not one, but two younger sisters you didn’t remember? That’s the unimaginable truth that confronts Amish wife and mother Lydia Beachy in my new book out on June 4th from Berkley Books: Lydia’s Hope, The Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley, Book One. With no memory of her birth parents or the tragic accident that took their lives and her memories, she has loved the aunt and uncle who adopted her as if they were her parents. Now, it seems, they’ve hidden a secret from her all her life. She has two younger sisters: Susanna, who was adopted by an Amish couple in another community, and Chloe, who was raised by their wealthy grandmother among the Englisch.

Angry and confused, Lydia first seeks out Susanna, but stops short of telling her the truth. To track down Chloe, she enlists the help of a neighbor who has spent some years in the Englisch world. Meanwhile, Lydia’s husband is keeping a secret of his own. Lydia yearns to be united with the sisters she has never known, but will revealing herself to them tear their lives apart…or enrich them beyond all imagining?

The story of the three sisters will conclude in Susanna’s Dream, The Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley, Book Two, which will come out in February, 2014. I hope you’ll enjoy the sisters’ stories.

My own dear sister, Patricia, passed away on December 31, 2012, just as I was writing this series, and she has left such a hole in my heart. Thinking of her lent a special poignancy to writing these particular books, and I’m sure I’ll never look at them without seeing her dear face.

Please, take a moment to get in touch with your sister, just to let her know you're thinking of her.



  1. Sisters are very important, my one sister died at the age of ten years old and my other died at the age of 60years old. Miss them so much.God bless you.
    Norma S.

  2. I don't have a sister Marta, but I have a brother who is now my good friend (we were enemies as youngsters!) I am so happy you have a new book out and I look forward to getting my copy. I will know you took special care with the story since the loss of your dear sister. Let this be a memorial to her. God's richest blessings to you.

    1. I had two sisters. One was twelve years older than me and the other was 9 years older. They both have passed away and I have no one in my family left. Being the youngest by 9 years was not much fun. I miss them so much and wish they were here so I could ask them many questions that I have no answer to.