Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coming Soon!

My new Amish Romantic Suspense novel, first in a new three-book series, will be available in stores and online soon. Don't miss WHERE SECRETS SLEEP!

Here's a look at the story:

In Amish country, not everything is as simple as it appears.

After a terrible betrayal, Allison Standish flees Philadelphia for the small Amish community of Laurel Ridge to claim an unexpected inheritance. Allison intends to sell the mansion housing various shops—until she meets Nick Whiting, a single father and tenant of Blackburn House, who challenges everything she believes about her estranged grandmother and the Amish community.

Strange stipulations in her grandmother’s will soon bring distant relatives and seething townsfolk to Allison’s door. As anonymous threats escalate, Nick grows protective of Allison, and she finds herself falling for the handsome carpenter… But then she discovers her grandmother’s death may not have been accidental, and someone wants Allison gone. Permanently.

And here's what Publishers Weekly has to say about it:

Abundant details turn this Amish romantic thriller launch into a work of art. The intricately constructed plot features relatable, believable characters faced with realistic struggles both large and small. This is an excellent beginning to what promises to be a series of rewarding, satisfying novels.

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